If you recently bought a home in the Jacksonville, Florida area – congratulations! As you moved in, you were probably excited about how to decorate, your new neighborhood, and your new life. But one thing you may have overlooked, or that might seem daunting, is lawn care. If your garage or shed doesn’t have any tools in it yet, then it’s time to go out and buy some! You don’t want to be unprepared this spring and summer when it’s time to maintain your new lawn, or want to make it more beautiful. Having the right lawn care tools is fundamental for any homeowner, and as professionals that work on lawns for a living, we want to help you understand which tools are essential to buy next time you’re at the hardware or lawn & garden store.



Wheelbarrows will help save you time, and your back! Purchasing a wheelbarrow will make so many of your lawn care projects a lot simpler — especially when moving mulch, grass clippings, leaves, or even stones. Before you pick one, think of which projects you’ll want to do as this will determine how rugged you need your wheelbarrow to be.


From small garden rakes to large leaf rakes, there’s a broad range of options out there. There’s a good chance you’ll need more than one. We recommend buying a rake that has a bamboo or plastic handle (so it’s more lightweight), but if you have a lot of trees, a steel rake will help give you more coverage and speed.

Work/Garden Gloves

No matter what project you’re working on, from raking to planting a garden, you’ll want a pair of gloves. They’ll protect your hands from sharp sticks and plants like poison ivy.

Hand Trowel

You’ll be able to use this when you mix fertilizer with plant foods, or just want to make a small hole while planting. Hand trowels can also be used to remove weeds from the soil.

Hand Pruner

You’re going to have to remove dead or unwanted limbs from trees or shrubs, so you’ll need a hand pruner. These will also help if you plant a garden and need to trim plants like rose bushes.


Your lawn needs water, and sometimes new homeowners might need to fix the mistakes or carelessness of the previous owners. To get water to any portion of your grass, you’ll need a hose. Pro tip: take into consideration the size of your yard before you buy one. Also, purchase a sprayer so you’ll be able to control how the water comes out of the hose.

Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is perhaps the most obvious lawn care tool, but still a necessity. Whether you want a manual or riding mower can depend on personal and practical factors. But remember that you’ll also need to get a gas can to have a safe way to bring gas home to fill up the mower. For smaller lawns, you can also try an electric or reel mower.

Pruning Stick

A pruning stick is essentially a pole with a saw at the end. You’ll need this to reach high branches that are growing too close to your home. Always keep tree limbs at least 6-8 feet from your house at all times.

Lawn Care is Tough Work

This list will help you efficiently work on your lawn with the proper tools. Here at GES, we value the look of a well-maintained lawn, and we know how hard it is to keep a lawn looking beautiful. Enjoy your summer this year, and remember that all that work you do on your yard is worth it in the long run!

We love to help our clients enjoy their backyards during the warm months in Florida. If you want to spend more time enjoying your yard instead of working on it, our lawn care services will do just that! Our expert team will get your lawn in great shape so you can sit back and relax.