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22 Jul 2015
Modern Patio

Modern Patio

Planning out your modern patio design before your remodel is crucial. When perusing patio ideas, keep in mind that people use minimalist patios for different things, but they primarily use it as a space for entertaining and relaxing. Because of this, figure out what you want this area’s overall functionality to be. Will you have large groups over or a few intimate gatherings? Will you be serving food or are you more of a cocktail hour type? Secondly, take time to figure out what patio materials will work best for your remodel, and decide whether you want a covered or uncovered area. Next, determine what amenities are important to you; is an outdoor fireplace essential, or would a smaller scale fire pit work just as well? Do you need a big grill or will a smaller barbecue work for you? Lastly, much like any other room in your home, decorate the space to ensure that it's welcoming, interesting and aligned with your home’s style.

What materials should I use for my modern patio?

As with any outdoor space, materials dictate the overall style and feel, so make sure your choices accurately reflect the vibe of your home. Stone and terracotta tile are common with mediterranean houses, while brick is most often seen in traditional homes. Concrete works well with almost any space and style, so it's always a great option when you're choosing patio materials. After you figure out your foundation, decide whether you want a covered or uncovered area. You can always add a pergola, arbor, awning or trellis for some shade, or you can let the sun shine down on your minimalist patio.

What should I incorporate in my modern patio design?

Even though a minimalist patio can be nothing more than a paved slab outside your house, it can also be so much more if you add the right additions. Fire pits and fireplaces are great for cooler nights, while an outdoor kitchen and bar make it an ideal party mecca. Regardless of what you do, a grill and eating spot is a must for al fresco dining, and you need good furniture to truly enjoy even the most basic outdoor space. Depending on your budget and maintenance threshold, you can even opt for a hot tub and pool to complement the space.

How should I decorate my modern patio?

Everything you place outdoors should be weatherproof, but that doesn't mean your Bauhaus patio can't look as good as any indoor living room. Rugs, throw pillows and chair cushions all come in waterproof fabrics, while coffee tables, side tables, sofas, sectionals and armchairs often come together in sets. Rope or string lighting are popular mood setters, as are candles, which can also keep bugs away if you get the right kind. Put together some flower or succulent arrangements in pretty containers and place those around your modern patio to liven it up. Fun little accessories, like a garden gnome, tiki torch, bird feeder or umbrella can add more personality where it's lacking.

22 Jul 2015
Garden Pond

Garden Pond

Garden ponds are alluring because they provide a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. There's nothing better than the sight and sound of water in your own backyard. A well designed pond will turn your outdoor space into a vacation-like retreat, where you can get away from the busy world. With a pond, you'll be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature including unique plants, running water and possibly even some koi fish.

It's important that the design and construction of a garden pond are done right. Due to lack of knowledge, homeowners often end up with a sloppy eyesore rather than a beautiful and relaxing water feature. This collection of articles will help you get ideas for your own backyard pond and provide design tips. Familiarize yourself with the basics of pond placement and construction so that when you hire a professional you'll be able to work together to create an incredible pond.

Get these tips
In this section, you'll find tips from landscaping professionals and pond installers on:

  • The main factors to consider when determining where to locate your pond, including the view from your house, sunlight exposure, and access to electricity and water.
  • How to calculate the volume of water a pond will hold based on its depth and size.
  • Why a larger pond, with a higher volume of water, will be easier to maintain than a small pond.
  • The average price ranges for ponds, based on their size.
  • The main factors that will impact the final price of your pond.
  • Design and maintenance tips for koi ponds, including size requirements, filtration, aeration, and water quality.
  • Using the R.I.S.E. method (random, irregular, spontaneous and erratic) when designing a water garden pond, to ensure the most natural appearance.
  • Ideas for contemporary pond designs, which are often characterized by straight lines, right angles simple materials and floating stepping stones.
  • The best locations for formal pond styles and the most popular formal pond shapes and design features.
  • Ideas for integrating a waterfall into your pondscape to provide sound and movement.
  • The most important factors to consider when designing a waterfall, such as keeping it in scale with the size of the pond and building it on a slope to achieve a more natural look.
  • The three basic options for pond liners (flexible, preformed and poured concrete) and the best applications for each type.
  • Tips for growing aquatic pond plants that will help keep your pond in ecological balance without chemicals or expensive equipment.
  • The various types of aquatic pond plants and the role each one plays in pond design.
  • Ideas for lighting a backyard pond to create dramatic effects, highlight certain features of a pond, and ensure safety.
  • How to use underwater lighting in a pond to highlight fountains, sculptures and other special features.

Before installing a pond, it's important to remember that no pond will be maintenance free. However, upkeep can be minimized with good design and construction.

03 Jun 2015
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