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Fall Lawn Core Aeration


Fall Lawn Core Aeration is an important part of keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful. By extracting plugs of soil, it alleviates soil compaction and makes it possible for roots to grow and thicken.

Aeration transforms thin and damaged areas into a thick, vibrant lawn by:

  • Relieving root choking caused by soil compaction
  • Improving the flow of air, water and nutrients throughout the soil
  • Stimulating root growth
  • Helping to manage thatch
*Average cost per treatment
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We know a lot about aeration. Like that cool season turf is best aerated after during the Fall, but before the winter freezes the ground (generally it should never be done in the heat of the summer or during the winter dormancy). Making sure it's done at the right time reduces additional stress on your lawn.

Saves You Time

Our knowledge of local grass types and the best available equipment can save you from wasting time figuring out the type of turf you have and equipment you need to use.
Our certified technicians know the appropriate core lawn aeration techniques and specifications that are right for your lawn.

Lawn Core Aeration Reduces Thatch

Thatch, a layer of dead and slowly decomposing roots, rhizomes, stolons and other plant parts, can cause damage to your turf.

Thatch can ruin your lawn by:

  • Increasing insect and disease problems
  • Decreasing heat, cold and drought tolerance
  • Preventing moisture from getting to soil and nutrients from getting to the soil

Aeration helps these issues by creating better airflow for absorbing the moisture and essential nutrients, which creates a thicker lawn to protect from the heat and cold.


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