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Mosquito Control Service


Spend Your Days Outdoors.

Mosquitoes are not only annoying, they also can carry diseases like the West Nile virus. But, there’s no need to hide inside. Our monthly treatments kill these flying pests and prevent them from ruining your outdoor fun.

Our specialized equipment and trained technicians target areas where mosquitoes like to live and breed; bushes, potted plants and mulch. By targeting theses areas, we help keep these pesky insects from spoiling backyard parties, picnics and outdoor events. You may not notice they’re gone, but that’s because you won’t be noticing they were ever there when you’re enjoying the outdoors.

If that’s not enough, our GUARANTEE means the job isn’t done until you’re satisfied.

*Average cost per treatment


Enjoy the outdoors with confidence from sun up to sun down. After all, it is your yard. The best way to keep your backyard comfortable and enjoyable is to make it uninviting for them. We're here to help you with that.

Our Treatments Works

Mosquitoes are eating and breeding all of over your yard, but we ensure they're no longer a problem in three ways.

  1. Kills on contact: We focus our application on areas where mosquitoes like to hang out.
  2. Repels: We significantly reduce the likelihood of bites since the product helps repel mosquitoes from treated areas.
  3. Keeps Working: The treatment continues to kill and repel mosquitoes that land on the treated surface for up to a month.

Make Your Yard Less Inviting

Female mosquitoes find still or stagnant water to lay their eggs. Keep them from doing so by getting rid of those hot spots.

  • Clear debris from roof gutters.
  • Change bird bath water weekly.
  • Prevent water build up in trash/recycling bins.
  • Fix any leaks in outdoor faucets/hoses.
  • Empty water collected in tarps around the yard.

Available in select markets. Please call us to check if it's available in your area.


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