Southern chinchbug

Southern chinchbug in St. Augustine turf

Southern Chinchbug

Insecticides you buy at the hardware store, Walmart, Ace, Lowes, or Home Depot are often ineffective on the Southern chinchbug in St. Augustine turf. Why? Many formulas contain a very small percentage of the active ingredient bifeinthrn. Stock piles of these products are mass manufactured and sometime take years to sell off existing stock. Strains of chinchbugs developed resistance years ago to bifenthrin. So just because it says "kill chinchbugs" on the packaging, that doesn't mean it actually kills chinchbugs. Chinchbugs are about the size of a pinhead and can destroy an entire St. Augustine lawn in a week or two...and they are very active right now. Call us for REAL up to date solutions for all your pest problems!