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29 May 2016

Turf Fertilization Program

How to Develop A Turf Fertilization Program

Beautiful lawns are planned and created. A good turf fertilization program is an essential part of every great looking lawn. This page will give you the basic information you need to develop a fertility program. Almost all lawn fertilization programs are based on the Nitrogen (N) element. This is because nitrogen is the nutrient consumed by grasses in the greatest amounts. Furthermore, each grass type has a maximum amount of N that can safely be applied per growing season.

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22 Sep 2015

Article: How to Get Rid of Crabgrass for Good

The best weapon you have against this annual weed is crabgrass preemergence herbicide (also called crabgrass preventer). You apply this product in the spring before the crabgrass seed sprouts. This granular herbicide works by creating a chemical barrier at the surface of the soil. As the seeds begin germination, they take in the herbicide and die.

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